Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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Local Ad Link


What is Local Ad Link?

Local Ad Link is a new pro-active technology platform that helps small businesses achieve an internet presence in their local area by targeting their advertisements to specific zip codes at an affordable price. Basically, it helps small businesses connect with their customers locally.

This platform gives a business their own web page where they can upload video, photos, driving directions, logo, even coupons. It is targeted to zip codes with geo-targeting to recognize the IP address and give the person searching, results locally. I can put in a search on up to two hundred websites (including google, ask.com, msnbc.com, yahoo, AOL as well as the social networking sites, (my space, facebook, flikr, etc) and growing.

How Does It Work?

When someone puts in the key search term that you have selected (car dealerships, banks, deli, laudromat, pizza, auto repair, restaurants, heating and cooling, landscapers, building and electrical contractors, plumbers, hotels and motels, etc.) your company will be pushed to the top of the search. This platform is pushed out to over 200 search engines and that is growing as well. I think the most value for a company, is that it is proactively pushed out too so many sites. Even if you have a website, you are always trying to figure out how to drive traffic to the site, so it makes sense to have this pro-active technology platform linked to your site. Local Ad Link is even developing a text messaging feature for searches done on mobile devices.

Traditional Media Effectiveness

With newspapers and magazines, in decline, TIVO to skip past commercials and satellite radio Local Ad Link makes a great deal of sense for a great many businesses.

Cost Effective

There are no contracts, you pay as go and if you don't see the value, then you just stop paying. There is also a back office, because you maintain the site and can change it at will in real time. This back office has a tracking analytics, so you can monitor impressions, who visited, when and if they downloaded your information from the page.

There are different packages, but right now they range from $ 69, $149 or $249 a month. Actually if you get in before June 1, the fees will be lower ($50, $100, $200 a month) and never go up as long as you keep participating.

You can buy a whole year for a lot less than it costs to run one print ad. There are no programmer, designer or webmaster fees, because you control the web page. This is a real cost-effective solution. If you think it was worth it you can target areas where you want to grow your business.

Further Information

For further information you can go to the following sites:


Some sites will offer videos and others will offer information. You can also go to http://www.localadlinksupportsystems.com/resources.html and view recorded webinars presentations related to Local Ad Link that can provide further information.

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